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Joseph Bambang Kho
he was born the same date as mine but he is 10 yr. older than me
he was one of the founder of RAFP , but now he is working as the YWAM's  missionary 
at Kuta, Bali,  since he has a mission to do from the Higher Being in Heaven


RAFP's the 4th bday  , March 9th 1993
Alvin really did a good job in painting the banner for RAFP b'day ... that was his present for RAFP

we were on the Padasuka's trip 
vonny , chuchen , yannie ,lisda , me ,
ko wei, linna , daniel ,kwo²

looks idiotic but they are my very good friend at RAFP
mey², vonny, lisda, sao yung , and yudi

me with the creative ministry people
Fen², Sis , Lily , Shuchen

the RAFP gank
ko wei , alvin , daniel , me 
wei chun , michael, andreas , jeffrey (babeh) and steven

Fransiska is my good friend , and i treat her like my own sister .. she lives at Bandung, and doing Economic Bachelor

Nila was the member of RAFP but she left us since she moved to further places to study.
we still contacting each other with mail though

Mr Kurniawan
he is my cousin and my friend. he always gives me direction and advise  for the steps that I made since then  we are really strong bonded together.

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to be continued in near future ...


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