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IFGFC - Indonesian Full Gospel  Family Church

        The church was founded by Pastor Yopie before, then  he decided to joint the assembly of IFGF , which base on Jakarta  by Pastor Jimmy Oentoro.
        I jointed the church from the first week I arrived at Australia. For 2 years the church located at the Jubilee Hall , Parramatta,  NSW. It was a good experience serving the Lord by our work ! We were continuously practising at Atek's house at Pennant hill ,or at the Church somtimes , every Saturday.
    I served the church by joining the music ministry , on guitar / bass ...
    I used to live around the area , but since now I already move away , so I stop the ministry and going to another church, as a choir member and still playing basses for a band  ...  : )

the ganks 
Andre , me , Sammy , Atek , Nuggie , and Pastor J. Yopie M.

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Nugie Ningsih Sam Nadya Juli Novie Atek  Yuyu Kahan

to be continued in near future ...


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