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RAFP - Remaja Aktif Fajar Pengharapan , was founded between  1989-1990 by the first generation who served the GKPB church ... Yukins, Joseph and some other people were on the ministry and given responsibility from the church to reach out , preach , sustaining the Faith by meeting and reading the word of God, and by a frequently meeting named cell group to maintain the brotherhood between the members.
Later on , Jeffrey Kurniawan came and given responsibility as a new youth leader to preach and lead the RAFP organization. He , helped by Emir , Esther , Fang-Fang , Alvin , Kurniawan , and others , worked really hard then maintain this youth fellowship until the end 1994.
Jeffrey went to America for his Master degree then he left the ministry. But somehow the new Leader had not chosen and  since then there were always argument and contradiction between us.
Sadly , RAFP organization was ended by a meeting at the middle of 1995 , just before my first arrival to Australia but somehow the spirit of RAFP is still amongst us

[photos of RAFP member]

But the experiences which I had since i jointed and left them , are really unforgettable.
The first camp together at Lembang , the second "forming" camp, the RAFP Birthday celebration , a couple of  times having Revival night by inviting some famous Christian band, then the Rancaupas camp , the padasuka camp , the cell group meeting ,  a couple of times celebrating Chrismast and Easter with RAFP as the church creative ministry ..... and having so much friends that close as my brothers and sisters whose already proven by time that all of us are one and for the one we will staying until the end of time !


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