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[ Hobbies ]

    "Gee, I never thought that making homepage need so much time thanks to ADS,my good friend
    whom always helps and give some tips and advice how to do this and those .. now I like to show you some
    of my fave past time hoping that this bit of information would usefull for you !" [thonza]

Seek the latest information about Kendo the ancient Japanese swordmanship ! This is my new hobby and sport, it's really cool and challenging as we are opposing, bashing, hitting each other by using bamboo sword and body armour though !
[More info about kendo]

I  loves dogs ! I think they are the most beautiful, loyal, happy and good friend for me. I have two
pets names candy [ke`n-di] and max [mac-sie`]. Candy, a female, is 6 yrs old and living back at indo. She is where Max, a naugthy male pups, is only 6 mths and living with me at Syd. I love them both since they alarm me whenever they see or feel someone is treathening, also when I come back to home they greet  me cheerfully ... makes me feel a bit lighter ... : )
[find more about dogs]

I think in every side of our life you want to have a better way of doing it ... and the challenge makes us strive to do the best and nothing but the best. The result will reflect us an inspiration, and we usually call it an Art, a perfection of human feeling and thought.
The art itself form in many kind of types: art of cooking , art of building, art of archictechture, art of gardening, art of painting, and many more. From all types of art, I like architecture, music, graphic design, and photography. Now I like to try xplaining   more about each work of art and hope you are not only informed, but also can give me some feedback to me .. : )
email me okay ?

Playing guitar gives me pleasure and it's a great hobby too. I play classical, pop, church, jazz, and blues on it.
For me, understanding the music is building up, as I become more and more grow up, I like more and more music.
It's interesting to know the relations between a person and their musical interest: their musical taste reflecting their behavioural !
Also to know how each Culture long ago produce such distinctive musical type and instruments.
My fave jazz/rock musician is Ottmar Liebert, Brian Huges, Eric Clapton, the Four Play, Spyrogyra and Neal Schon.

Dangdut, a traditional indonesian pop rock, can not be excluded ! When I studied the music for my yr 12 exam, I realised that such  music (dang dut mostly likes by low class people )is so hard to play...only an expert will sing and play it well !  Wanna hear some dangdut ? It's quite simple to follow it ... dank - dut .. dank - dut .. dank - dut ..  the sound comes from a percussion instrument.
The way you dance is by waving and your hips and say : asyikkk ... or asooyyyy .... : )
If you are interested in swapping some mp3 jazz please email me, as I'm very interested in those things !

The Choir
Singing is not everybody talent, and if you got one, you must use it wisely !  I start like singing (and music) since I was so young, 4-5 yrs old when everytime my dad drive the car with me, he always singing his fave music: Bee Gees.
Start at yr 4 preliminary, I was joining the school's choir as tenor. By the junior high when my voice gradually became deeper, I started singing  the RAFP as monthly singer. When I doing my senior high at sydney, again I joined the school's choir as tenor. We singing a lot; I mean A LOT. For almost every month we were singing latin, english and accapella in the school's mass. It was a huge fun and was a good time too. Mr Leeson, Ms Mitckelltwaith, and Mrs Elliot were incharge for the success of our team.
Last year I joined the Sydney Universiry Musical Society -SUMS. I was experiencing how a profesional choir and orchestra was conducted, trained, practising, and so so great ! For each performance we practise around 50 hrs on 14 weeks. We sang Vaugham William's " A Sea Symphony ". At the moment, I joined my local parish choir group called Avila.

this is a wallpaper from fourplay that you have !
               [350.7 Kb]

this is a pic from the Corr's , one of my fave temporary rock

Graphic Design  : web design , COREL Draw [photopaint] , Micrografx
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Photography : my photoes collection so far
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Internet and games

mIRC is relax chat with your buddies .. sometimes you met a new nice people but sometimes a stupid jerk just going in and bothering us ... this is the way to kick and ban 'em all ... a new way cool way to find and chat with your pals ! go go go  ! why bother wait ?
even better , a new 99a version is available now  .... to include me , just add my UIN : 3312305
  the pretty cool sexy and mysterious Lara's back with her new 5 episodes
adventure ! see Lara at her brilliants actions  .. !
  • Star Craft site
  • haven't you try the latest additional episodes of Broodwar
    Star Craft ? then this one is A MUST for you!

    Marine of Terran 

    Zealot of Protos

    Hydralisk of Zerg
    • The Heroes III
    the heroes comes back with other interesting new features such as powerful top angel,
    8 kind of nations and more graphic for sure!
    want a mp3 heroesIII skin ? here ... I'll give it to you !

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