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Lill` bit of me

[as toddler]

I was born in February 1978  at St. Borromeous hospital at Jl  Ir. H. Juanda, Bandung
on West Java province, Indonesia. I was live at Dago area

I'm the first born of Amin and Henny Kurniawan, and as the oldest brother of David, Jane and Steven Kurniawan. Before I graduated at  St. Aloysius kindergarten, I moved to Jl. Blimbing, still in Bandung, then so on until the High School at the same school for 13 good years.


[Kindies photos]    [primary school photos]

I have so many friends when I stay at the St. Aloy's campus ! I never realize that i stayed there almost for 13 consecutive years ! My best time staying at the campus was when i joint the school's boy scout  "YOS SUDARSO"  07019

I joined the Deer teams with my fellow friends. What we did were flag ceremonies, training on morse code, spying, knotting and other tricks, cooking, mapping, camping, and playing foot ball in a raining muddy days. You can't imagine how dirty we were when we went home afterwards.


[ junior high photos]   [senior high photos]    [RAFP]

Move to another fascinating experience, i jointed the youth fellowship from New Covenant Christian Church, GKPB (Gereja Kristen Perjanjian Baru). Not only having so much good friends and good fun , but also I built a close personal relationship with God, the supreme mysterious loving and kind being ..  then i became invloved in the youth's band as a singer, at RAFP (Remaja Aktif Fajar Pengharapan) , and did performed well enough ... I just sang and nothing but sang ... : )

also I helped the Youth Creative Ministry for the Christmas celebration ceremony from '93-'95... it was a huge fun and challenging experience, since not only we did prepare on the school to cram for the end of year exam ,but also we did prepare for the actual physically training as dance and banner borrower , and acting as a cast in the drama .... + we should prepare spiritually to cry for the people whom invited but not knowing Jesus as their savior !



During the secondary school at Bandung, my class mate forming a group called RXC which all mad and funny people inside who are creatives, talented, and still single (5% of them) ... they are really cool and makes me laugh all the time. I was thinking of making this sweet memories unforgetable by putting it on the net, so please know them  at the RXC site that I dedicated for them !

   [IFGF friends]    [JP II friends]

At June 1996 , my family made a Big steps as we began live in Australia as a Permanent Residence.
Huge romour that Indonesia is not such  as nice peacefull place to live especially for we as a chinese indonesian.
Continuing my study as a high school students , I entered John Paul II  High School , at Blacktown , Sydney , Australia.
The first experience on the first day of the school was ... I was totally confused , since all of my friends now white skinned people , and talk in different mother tongue language ...

Days by days , hours by hours , .. gladly I saved and made my days living in Australia as a good memory never to forget. I met people who are really nice , handsome , pretty , also some jerk , bastard , dickhead ... all in one school ..I did help the school's canteen and it improved my hearing of english really much. I dare to make an error in speaking to the people , then i understand that Trial and Error is a  way of living ...

I am studying at the UNSW in the Aviation management course. My life has never been in harmonyzed as before, seems like the year of the dragon really gives me all of the goodness. I has so many friends, at Bandung, Jakarta, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Seattle, Wisconsin, and other cities spread over the world.
I thank God for the friendship that all we have that really blessed me and strengthened  me during the hard time.

Now I call Australia "Home", living right here under the Southern Cross, Sydney Metropolitan.

[ Travel Ten Band ]

My past Band, the Travel 10, form at the 4th CIC Daceyville b'day 1998. The member were Anne (singer), Anthon (bassist+manager), Arie (lead guitarist), Alex (2nd guitarist+singer), Richky (drummer), Valeria (pianist), Rinaldy (singer).
we play many kind of genre such as classical, blues, jazz, rock, country, balada, pop rock, Top 40, and off course dangdut !
We have been practising and performing for many events inside and outside the church. If you are thinking to have some party dont forget to book us  :) 


Thanks to :

  • Miki Setiawan, Bandung, my best pal at primary and secondary school, who really tought me how to live our lives.
  • Bernhard Hendrata, Sydney, who help me understanding the concept of the universe and being a good friend.
  • Dian Wahyu Utami, Brisbane,  who shares the past time with me in jazz and guitar music and the bits of life ... thanks to make me understand the dark side of  Woman ! :)
  • the RXC group, my former SMA group, who really gave me the meaning of Friendship
  • Dedy Sofyan, who enlighten me in the hyperlink cyber world .. you really made me a person! Martabak Keju dan Mie Ucus Akong: "deadly combination !"

Special thanks to :

Widjatmiko "Micko Protonema": Bro, you really inspire me. Thanks for sharing good times when i was down ... lets see our brighter future together ya !


Some wise and motivational words

A positive ATTITUDE is a powerful force.

TEAMWORK: Many hands, many minds, ONE goal.

VISION is not seeing things as they are, but as they will be.

GOALS: Destiny is not a matter of chance, its a matter of choice.

Grant me SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change, the COURAGE to change the things I can, 
and the WISDOM to know the difference.

INNOVATION: There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world ,
and that is an idea whose time has come.

MOMENTUM: It is not of importance where we stand, but what direction we are moving.

QUALITY: Individually and together we must yield only the finest, our signature is the assureance of quality.

Nothing in the world can take the place of PERSISTANCE. Talent will not, nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not, unreward genius is almost a proverb. Education will not, the world is full of of educated derelicts.

PERSISTANCE and DETERMINATION alone are omnipotent.

SUCCESS is a journey not a destination.

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