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John Paul II Senior High

    I entered the yr. 11 on February 1996 ,and finished the yr. 12 by November 1997.  I jointed the homeroom 52 for start ... but since i changed maths subject , then i moved to the homeroom 25 , as Ms Micklethwaite & Mr Leeson as our home teachers,
oh, we were in the  music room class by the way

I did :

there were 3 main exams : end of the year test (yr. 11, term 4) , then trial HSC exam (yr. 12 , term 2) and the hardest  HSC Trial Exam to get the HSC certificate (yr. 12 , term 4)
there were so many activities inside and outside the schools ..such as :
sports , academic trial and championship , band ,choir , disco night  , fund raising day  , and many other thing ...
these photos are an unforgettable memories , bad and good , sweet and a bit slack ...
 The advance girls in the 3U Maths class ..Monique and Shirley


roy, derrick , john, nalds, alwin
george, lorraine, rommel, PJ, me, johnathan, ryan
the last days at JP II  campus ... smile : )

my english class with Ms Henry Stathopoulos


a view  to the centre of JP II

want more ? click here to see us in our best suit : The Grad Ball !


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