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There are at least 130 registered breeds of dogs according to the American Kennel Club.
Each breed has its physical standards, its behavioral characteristic, and its idiosyncrasies.
According to their characteristic the dogs are devided into 7 standard breed classification:
Toy, Hound, Terrier, Working, Sporting, Nonsporting and Herding.
                  okay ... are you ready to see how cute they are ? :
Herding, German shepard breed
Herding, Collie breed

non sporting, Poodle breed
non sporting, Dalmation Breed

Sporting, Golden Retriever

Terrier, Wired Fox terrier
Terrier, Scotish Terrier
There are no such things as the best breed or the better and worst breed, since every breed have their own characteristic to suit their environment and purpose. Also, since everyone taste is different, if you want to choose the right dog then I suggest to find out our needs and find a dog accordingly.
The needs you must consider are the dog’s size (height, weight), the characteristic types do you want and how much time do you have to exercise and grooming them. The weight varies from 2 kg to 40 kg, and the height varies from 15 cm to 75 cm.
The characteristic is obviously not the same, some loud, some not so loud, some naugthy and so active, some like to dig the earth, some like to run, some lazy, some so fierce and some so cuddly.
The time that you have for you dog is essential. Without a proper constant exercise your dog can be upset and desperate then it will start tearing apart all things at wherever it put. Not only train them but also you need to groom them as well since otherwise the dog will sick from some diseases.
Dogs need as much care as we need. They need the right balance of diet, exercise and care so that they can live happily. Choosing a good dog’s food is not a big deal these days since you can have it at every shopping center at your suburb.
Take time every morning and/or after working to walk or jog with the dog. It will not only maintain their health but also ours too.
When the time come somehow yours dog is sick, go to your local Veterinary shop. Sometimes you need a booking so I suggest phone them in advance will be great. The dogs usual medicines are worm tablet, diarrhea tablet, and eye’s blam. So the medicines should be ready at the dog’s first aid kit too.
Cleaning and grooming them is not hard but takes some times.
this is candy , she is a toy poodle race cute doggie. she was bought as a present for my sister's b'day at 94 , so now candy is 5 yr. she gave birth to two black puppies before but unfortunately both of them disappear stoled away ... :( she lives at bandung still now on
How to do it properly? Well, get ready to be wet for sure!  Then put some towel according to how much fur does your dog has. Have some water ready, in a large bucket preferably. Oh, do this in the sunny day since otherwise the dog will be so cold and may get sick! Put some shampoo, and rinse them. Then dry them with towels and hair dryer. You can groom them with hair’s brush, nail cutter, ribbons, metal leather belt, and even sunglasses.

Not only its help us in our jobs, either in guarding, working, hunting, sporting, in a more serious jobs as firefighter’s dog, and even only for pleasure or hobby, but it's famous loyal characteristic makes them loved more.
Please not to rush in choosing the right dog that suit your need and also get ready to spend time with them. Have fun and enjoy your new company!
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