History of Samurai and Kendo
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         Important dates

        What is Kendo
         Kendo and Zen
         The Life of Miyamoto Musashi
         Japan during his time

The Book of Five Rings
        The Ground Book 
        The Water Book 
        The Fire Book 
        The Wind Book 
        The Book of the Void 


The unofficial Samurai and Kendo site

Welcome to this humble site ! I like watching the ninja movie when I was pretty young and wishing that one day I could use the magnificant ninja sword without knowing how sharp and lethal it is. Now after joining for a while at the UNSW Kendo club, at Kensington, Sydney, I realise that the samurai warriors are uncomparable in the spirit at bloody combat. They were mastering their techniques in all aspects, but also very humble by obeying their master untill the last drop of their blood.

In order to respect their marvellous fighting spirit, I would like to make a brief homepage about the history of samurai during the old era at Japan, the popular Kendo that replacing samurai-ship after the Old era ended, and the Book of Five Rings(Gorin No Sho) wrote by Miyamoto Musashi the very famous samurai during the Tokugawa period.

As I appointed as a new newsletter editor for the UNSW Kendo club, then I am trying to make a special Kendo page to describe what the heck t is for all of you as simple as I can.

Please email me if you have any idea or critics to improve this site ...  arigato gozaimasu ... !

June Y2K ~ [thonza]

(I took most of these articles from some official sites : Mark McGee, some Japanese site for The Book of Five Rings, UNSW Kendo club sites, and others)