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This was taken on 25th December 1998 ,
        I was invited to Grace (Ge) home for the Christmas "summer" party , obvious since there was no ice falling at Bandung for sure ... : )
        Grace's cousin , Yunike` (nike` , on white) is a new friend of mine ... she is studying at a senior high in Bandung . nike` is quite famous as  a model on magazine and TV. hey , don't they both  pretty ? but actually both are really naughty ! beware ! Almost half on my stuff robbed by their sweet smiles ..... : )

Grace and Yunike `  : double up again ! 
under the Christmas tree , they posed really good 
centil abissssssss ~

Ge , me and nike`
dunno why but we were really never imagine 
     to take photo like this ... it's so ... centilllll ~ 


to be continued in near future ...


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