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geee .. two tough guys together ! me and Joe²  : )
I was at a retreat with the ITB students at Kuningan , and here
the mass usually accompanied by  the sundanese traditional
music , degung , which was a very interesting experience !

waa-hoo~  what sexy good looking blinking chick ! sorry just kidding ...
at last ! I met the famous chatter , Patrice , [Sisi or  des`ree] when she was on her holiday at Sydney !

* same place *
now it's me with yoggie (y09913)  my fellow cousin ... I can't believe
that I do have such a crazy cousin like him ! ; p
he is really good in teasing people but also really good in making friendship

this is me at my house on January 1998
hmm ... what can i do ? I really like photography and ofcourse I always want to show off my own picture ... but gee ... from all of 'em , I like this one most !

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to be continued in near future ...


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